The adventure of ‘Remember Me’ started 2 years ago…

By supporting the project YOU
Contribute to the Mauritian artistic scene and help create a better future for our community.
More than 150 local artists including
Designers / Videographers / Dancers / Coaches / Musicians / Producers / Helpers /
Stylist and Makeup Artists / Sound technicians have worked on this project. 
Rs 3,000,000 investment – To make it happen it we had:
Dream Believe Create and just DO it 

Contribute to a better education and lifestyle to the children of Ti Rayon Soley. 10% of each album sold will go to fund for school equipment. We believe that music is a vector that brings a positive change to the world and we will be so proud that our music can contribute to that. 

You will also be part of ANNEGA’s close fanbase privileged to exclusive offers and online contents such as unreleased videos, behind-the-scenes footage, backstage and rehearsal shoots as well as concerts and future gigs juicy details.

Your pre-order will not only contribute to ANNEGA’s journey but also help bring a better education and lifestyle to the children from associations we collaborate with through art, music and passion, as well as support the local art industry behind the success of ‘Remember Me’.

The funds will be managed by the NGO i61 foundation



Backers 2%

Price: Rs. 500

*By pre-ordering you will receive a signed copy of the full album ‘Remember Me’ by ANNEGA out soon.

You will receive a signed album by ANNEGA including exclusive access to unreleased videos, behind the scenes footage plus preferential deals for our show such as (free pass to our show, discounts on tickets, backstage pass) etc..

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