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For Artist, Composer, Singer and Songwriter from Mauritius,

Anne-Gaëlle Bourquin, 24 years old, everything started with her first stage appearance in Timambo, a local young talent competition, when she was only 7 years old. Over the years, she participated in several talent shows and singing competitions where she caught the eye of Cedric Cartier, managing director at KABANN, local artist management and music production agency. After majoring in a degree in political sciences and beginning a job, she quickly realizes that it is not for her and decides to choose her passion over everything else. She changes her life completely to fully embrace her music career!

Now better known for her stage name ANNEGA, the island girl owes her imminent success to her unique, refreshing and out-going personality. Already named “Our New Pop Star” by the local press in less than three months, she conquered the hearts of many with her debut single ‘REMEMBER ME’ which got elected ‘Hit of the Year 2019’. Creating a massive sensation on social media, local radio stations, TV programs and mainly her YouTube channel, ANNEGA sets a new standard on the Mauritian music scene.

ANNEGA tells you a story – hers – on a pop-rock rhythm, which we can easily connect to, making her songs ever more special. Always on the move, with a colourful outlook on life, breathing positivity, oozing compelling energy, she is the buzz of the moment – a breath of fresh air!

Step into the universe of the beautiful soul of ANNEGA.



Cedric Cartier
E: hello @
T: +230 5 259 7825

Kabann Records
E: management @
T: +230 5 256 7255


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